Friday, May 21, 2010


I've been such an awful awful blogger! I'm so sorry! My poor loyal fans who used to email me all the time about when my next post would be, and it just never came... naughty naughty Yin! But now that I'm actually in a position where I can better serve my Yang, I can actually give you some updates as well! :D Fancy that!

So, it's summer time and I've come to England to live with my Master Yang till August. How fun, right? Eating out of the palm of His hand allll summer long.

This brings me to my first bout of hypnosis in a very long while. It seems I'm still ridiculously well conditioned. After I stepped off the plane and into the bus to his house, we decided we could not wait to make it to the privacy of his room and started making out on the bus. No one was near, it was FINE! Plus, I'm sure you remember how much of an exhibitionist I am really.

It wasn't long though, until I decided to be a taaaad bratty. ;) We had been kissing rather hungrily, and I decided to put my hand on the back of his neck and hold him into my kisses, because he often likes to make me ask for them, and I was having none of that. After a few months, I'm sure you wouldn't want to wait either! This, however, made him begin to run his hands delicately over my skin, over my arms so that they went limp and relaxed and loose, falling into my lap. He then continued over my legs, and neck, and finally face. The last thing I remember was his fingertips brushing over my forehead and then... suddenly we were at our stop! I don't think there were any suggestions given, but it was certainly a reminder at just how conditioned I am!

Lets just say that when we did get safely behind closed doors, things heated up super fast.

Last night was also quite fun. Yang was feeling quite dominant, which is always purrrfect by me, even going as far as whipping my legs with a dish towel as I cooked and did the washing up for him. The night progressed, and we were in the living room watching television when he decided to be super cruel and tease me for hourrssssss, until his family went to bed. He hypnotically bound my hands behind my back and wound his fingers into my hair, gripping my head tightly, running his fingernails over my throat and forcing me to beg for kisses while I sat whimpering and moaning. It didn't help that he kept rubbing at me with his foot as I struggled to press my lips against his soft warm ones.

Anyway, I'm sure you can tell that it is good to be back--both in his arms/hypnotic embrace, and on here, posting and keeping people happy once more!

Faithful fans, come back! More to come. I promise.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Glorious return!

Oh wow, I've not posted in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages.

I don't know, I never even gave an official closing post, I feel sort of bad for neglecting all of my faithful readers... :(

The thing is, see... I don't remember much of what happens anymore, so in order for you to get all the good posts, you'd need Yang to post them, and for that to happen, he'd have to stop trancing me to have the time to write them, and that will just not do.

Though, Master Yang and I have joined this sort of forum thing that needs to get off the ground a bit, , so I hope to see at least some of you there!

I'm sorry for not having much to say, and for leaving you in the dark for so long, but the thing is... my mind is just wayyyy too tied down at the moment, I'm sure you understand. <3


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Morning of Glory


So, because I was busy with some personal family events on Tuesday, this morning I got to talk to Yang since the morning of my birthday.

I was being a brat because I felt that I deserved to be hypnotised today, to make up for the lack of hypnosis on my birthday. Yang apparently had other plans, but made up for it for the time being... ;)

I was busy being a brat as usual, and when he refused to hypnotise me and INSISTED on teasing me, I told him I'd go get my SuperYin t-shirt and then there'd be trouble. He told me I'd do no such thing, and I didn't, but not for lack of trying...

The first time I tried to slip off the bed to get it, he used my bondage trigger which made me almost fall off the bed, I had to use all my stomach muscles to keep my legs from sliding all the way off and get myself back on the safety of the mattress.

I struggled around for a while there, and then the second time, I actually made it to the drawer, however, for some reason when he said, "Don't you dare..." I started to get second doubts and got confused, and he coaxed me back to my bed without getting my t-shirt... until I sudenly woke up with it on... that was confusing.

He was saying, "I thought I told you not to! How dare you disobey a direct order..." and for a second I was really worried, and got a bit defensive, until I realised that he was joking, and relaxed... hahaha. I mean, of course it was his doing... incredibly sadist that he is... hehe.

But, since I was now wearing the t-shirt, I decided to make use of it and tell him how I was going to thwart him this time, until I was given my obedience trigger and made to grab my kitty collar and put it on.

Apparently KittyYin is competing with me for attention... hmmph. I'll show her... >.> I can be JUST as obedient as her, and more... Just wait and see.

Hehehe. Yang's promised to be around this evening to play a bit. :) We'll see what comes of that... I'm excited.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Oh God, I'm OLD!

Haha. Well, not really.

I'm 18 today!!! And a legal adult in the United States. (How scary.)

Gonna go out with my best friend tonight and my family for some amazing Chinese food, Peking Duck FOR THE WIN.

Yang called me this morning and teased me... I'll get him back for it... hehehe. <3
No hypnotic adventures ensued because I was worried about my parents surprising me in the middle of trance...

They happened to be still asleep when I went downstairs ready for school. They were ashamed of themselves and forced themselves to eat breakfast with me before I left. Well, rather, forced me to eat breakfast with them, because apparently that's what adults do, eat breakfast. Hahah.

Anyway, this is one of my many comment whoring techniques, WISH ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sorry I was a bit tied up last night...

Probably one of the best ideas I've had. Hehehe.

Yang came on late last night, and I was very excited that he did. :)

So excited that after a bit of KittyYin's purring and indignant mewing, I decided to come back and rummage around for some ropes... real ropes.

It really was a great idea, because all I had to do was tie myself up wearing my Super Yin t-shirt and automatically the SuperVillain Yang was drawn forth... <3

I do so have an obsession with the bad guys... mmm. And Yang makes such a sexy one at that, it's hard to resist 100% anyway...

And so ensued another evening of defeat for the already enslaved superheroine.

I STILL don't remember the trancing parts, plus, I went incredibly deep last night, deeper than any other time... I was still groggy, even after I had been woken up!

After I had untied myself, my bound trigger was used anyway, there was no hope but to lie there and take the mental abuse... hahahaha. I love it.

About the beautiful place Yang had talked about in his post, the other day he had my walls melt away to reveal this gorgeous, sunny, pleasant field, tall grass, clear sky.. there was a river travelling off to the side, and a glistening lake infront of these really majestic mountains, a wooded area somewhere beyond the lake... it was so peaceful, I was completely lost in basking in that sun...

So, last night, I got an opportunity to fall asleep in that field... Yang had been up late enough to put me to bed at a reasonable time MY time, so I had the most heavy, deep, instantaneous amazing sleep I've ever had, curled in his arms in the middle of the meadow, staring up at the starry sky.

I love you Master Yang. <3

Oh, this morning he had to blank me to get me out of bed to school. I only *pretended* that I wasn't pleased, because really that was the only reason I refused in the first place. And he thinks he's in control. <3

(Actually he is. I'm just a brat. Though Liz is right, I think I may be slipping...)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Little Role Reversal, Bimboism and Some Self Triggering

So, as Yin has already said we had a bit of fun with some role reversal a couple of weeks ago. She has plenty of experience of D/s relationships as a sub so it wasn't too hard to get her to see things from the Dominant perspective - making her believe she was the one who was a hypno Mistress. In fact, the first thing she did when I awoke her, believing she was the 'tist, she asked how I had felt being under. It was quite cute really, especially the way her face changed, becoming less open and humorous to slightly harder and 'firm'.

She certainly was not impressed when I refused to do anything that she commanded, telling me that I would regret it. Apparently being hypnotically bound only made her more angry and she became quite exasperated. The flicker of confusion as her arms and legs locked together was especially entertaining, even if it did turn quickly into a withering look, only to be followed by various threats. I was forced to use her 'good girl' trigger in order to persuade her that the only way out was to beg me to free her. By this point I think her inner submissive was really rather enjoying the whole thing, even if she did remain incredibly stubborn and resistant throughout - I do enjoy a challenge.

Eventually Mistress Yin was coaxed into asking very nicely to be released, only to revert back to hissing threats at me between clenched teeth. It was at this point she grabbed a rather sturdy wooden ruler from her desk and began waving it warningly at me. She was rewarded by being made to swat her thigh several times with the flat edge. The look on her face was so cute - a mixture of puzzlement, anger and vague arousal (which must have confused Yin in Mistress mode).

On the subject of playing with Yin's personality; we had a rather fun time when I made her believe she was a bubbly, giggly little airhead - quite a change from the usually intelligent girl I know. It really was incredibly entertaining watching her giggling away, twirling her hair round with a finger and generally acting like your stereotypical dumb blonde. When I reverted her to normal she said her cheeks hurt from giggling so much. Hah, score 1 for me and her fantastic imagination and ability to embrace a character so very well. Speaking of her imagination maybe Yin will tell you about the beautiful little place I took her to one morning when the walls of her room and the ceiling melted away to reveal a pleasant landscape.

More recently we have been exploring Yin's exhibitionism - she takes a lot of pride in her appearance and she lost a lot of weight over the Summer (she looks great by the way). Anyway, this means she is generally very happy with the way she looks and coupled with her naturally playful nature this has made it quite easy to nudge her gently in the direction of enjoying showing off for me. Now it takes little to no prompting from me for her to start shedding layers and teasing me.

Obviously we can't have that. So the other night I put Yin under and told her that every time she meowed she would instantly drop down into deep trance but not remember what it was that was putting her under or what happened while she was entranced. I should explain here that Yin often meows to fill in gaps in the conversation or just to be playful, anyway she does it a lot.

Unsurprisingly she was being rather cat like, as usual, and it was not long before the first meow left her lips and she found herself slumped down on her bed listening to me telling her how playful she would be when she woke up and how much she felt like showing off. Bringing her back up, she was a little confused but didn't seem to think to much about what had dropped her and instead she set about posing and doing things like sliding the straps of her top down her arms - just cute little games like that.

Throughout the course of the evening Yin continued to meow at various moments and during the ensuing trances became increasingly playful and flirtatious with her inner exhibitionist bubbling ever closer to the surface. Accordingly she shed more layers of clothing as her self confidence grew.

I also gave her a 'freeze' trigger at some point where she would freeze, locked solidly in what ever position she was in when I used it but able to hear everything, which was fun to use when she was busy showing off. The first time I used it she froze in such a sexy little pose, no hint of surprise on her face, and I continued talking normally before unfreezing her, at which she began giggling and gave me a surprised smirk. I continued to use the trigger at various points afterwards when she was posing in ways that were especially easy on the eye.

It soon became apparent the Yin was really rather enjoying showing off, being frozen and apparently randomly sinking helplessly into deep trance (even if she did keep bugging me to know what was causing it). Yin always gets off on mind games and me demonstrating what a hold I have over her - so being made into a little poser on a whim and made to freeze on command appealed to her naturally submissive nature. So it really was not a great leap for me, on one of the many occasions she triggered herself, to suggest that her skin had become more sensitive due to the excitement (she has naturally sensitive skin anyway) and that now even just the slightest brush of her bed sheets against her skin caused the nerve endings to tingle. The results from that one were fantastic.

Now, a gentlemen does not kiss and tell, so I'm afraid the rest of the evening is mine. But there is nothing quite like a bit of orgasm denial until you give the word. Ahem.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yet Another Episode in the Diaries of SuperYin!


Yang DID play with me this time around.
It was good fun. <3

To start off, I was being SUCH a good girl this morning. I had my best manners on and everything.

So, when he had to go, he promised that he'd play with me this afternoon if I was around (I've been quite ill, so I stayed home from school for today and yesterday) .

When he came around, I was as sweet as could be (^^) just to ensure that he actually WOULD play with me, and not just be the tease that he really is.

Lucky for me, it worked.

Apparently, the first time involved a bit of role-reversal.

I can't believe he actually did that to me, I don't have a dominant bone in my body. He apparently made me think that I was the one who had just put HIM under, and that I was the Mistress Yin, and he was my hypnotic submissive. Except he kept using my triggers!!! I don't remember most of what was actually done in detail, but apparently I had been threatening him with a ruler, until he used my tied-up trigger, and waited for me to beg to be released. By the time I came out of it, lots of time had passed, so I must have refused pretty stubbornly.

After that, I was craving a bit of a show-up... I have this thing for testing to make sure I really am completely and utterly under his control, it REALLY excites me... so... I brought out SuperYin!

I did a fairly good job of resisting, except for I did exactly what he told me to every time... >.> Including getting the ruler and giving myself swats to my inner thigh at his command... through sweat pants of course... it was more of a turn on than an actual pain... hehe...

But, then he started his induction, really, it's my favourite one, where he just guides me down gently, playing off my resistance, it really is quite hard being Super all the time... much easier to just give in... *shudders* So hot.

But now, I'm still swimming in submission, so... I can't wait to talk to my Master Yang again and make up for being such an unbelievable brat... :]

I'm sure he'll think up a way.